Obsession Tantra & Nuru massage CBD Sydney

Glad to welcome you here. Have you ever heard about such a sensual experience like Tantra or Nuru bodywork? Maybe you are getting excited having fetish session in mind? I am here, in the heart of Sydney, to make you feel what real erotic experience in massage is.

How it works? Very easy. You can choose the session you like the most: Tantric massage session is the classic one usually lasts for 60 or 90 minutes. If you want to devote more time to body to body massage feel free to ask Nuru session with special Nuru gel. Feel like need to add more spice to your typical weekday - fetish session with light BDSM element is what you need.

Then you can call or text me and we will arrange the appointment at the time that fits you most. Now I am open to outcall session in Sydney when I travel to you hotel or apartment and provide you the session at the most comfortable place for you.

Have any questions? I am open to all your questions and requests at any time of the day and night. Call me to hear my warm voice and I will answer all the questions you might have. Can not choose between tantra massage and nuru massage? Don’t know how erotic sessions usually goes? Happy ending massage is it the same? Please call, text or email me and I will explain everything. Also, answers you can find on my website :)

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Tired of routine life in a boring office and endless meaningless meetings? I know what can help you. I will visit your hotel or apartment in Sydney to provide you with one of the most relaxing and sensual massage sessions: Tantra, Nuru or Fetish. Also I can help you to kindle the flame again between you and your partner by providing you both an erotic massage during the session for a couple.

Tantra session

60 min - $300 AUD
90 min - $420 AUD

Classic Tantra massage helps your body and mind feel relaxed and satisfied for the rest of your day. The lady will take you to the 7th heaven by giving you sensual relaxation massage with aromatherapy elements ending up with releasing your sexual power.

Nuru session

60 min - $320 AUD
90 min - $440 AUD

What could be more sensual than Nuru massage that intensify all your feelings through incredibly sensual body to body massage. You can’t resist this charming pressure when lady slide on your body with special Nuru gel that makes the touch even hotter.

Couple session

60 min - $500 AUD
90 min - $700 AUD

Guide your partner through the ultimate pleasure of erotic couple massage session provided for both of you by young beautiful lady. She will remove all the energy blocks that you have to fell that intimate moment of being together in a very pure and sensual way.

Fetish session

60 min - $350 AUD
90 min - $470 AUD

Not afraid of whip? Light BDSM session open new verges and hidden desires of your sexual-self. Give the control of your body to the beautiful mistress and she will gently (or harshly ;)) guide you to the top of sensual satisfaction that you can ever experience.

*Please inquire for longer or shorter duration

*Obsession Tantra is a part-time non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing pleasure to appreciative guests. Sessions are complimentary. If you feel the service you received warrants it, feel free to contribute a suggested donation.


CBD, Sydney NSW, Australia
Tel. 0 466 062 698, +61 466 062 698

Phone Call Number Button of Kristina 22 Obsession Tantra erotic massage Sydney NSW, Australia +61466062698

Erotic Nuru Massage CBD Sydney + Useful info
Phone Call Number Button of Kristina 22 Obsession Tantra erotic massage Sydney NSW, Australia +61466062698

Erotic Tantra & Nuru massage - what it is.

Erotic massage is known since ancient times, when it was a medical procedure. You can increase the blood supply to the organs, the mobility of the limbs, and also relieve nervous and physical stress.

The most common intimate massage is the erotic Nuru massage. This massage is aimed at stimulating the erogenous zones, increasing the flow of blood into the pelvic zone, increasing heart rate becoming an excellent preventive treatment for not particularly serious heart diseases. During the massage, the body of the massage therapist touches the client's body.

Nuru - Japanese technique of erotic massage, originated in the city of Kawasaki. The technique requires that one or more naked masseurs rub and glide along the naked body of the client, after all participants have spread themselves a tasteless massage lotion that has no smell. The word comes from the Japanese language and translates as "slippery / smooth". Nuru practitioners use a tasteless and transparent lotion that is made from seaweed leaves. The gel is applied by hand, throughout the body of the client and the masseur. During the massage the participants will try to get the maximum possible physical contact, the masseurs often use their whole body and even touch the face. Strong tactile sensations give their effect and help to relieve stress.

High-quality erotic massage today is an element of foreplay, contributing to the establishment of emotional contact between partners, this is one of the steps of the ladder to something bigger. Couples who have similar skills are hardly prone to fading relationships because erotic massage ideally promotes the development of sexual potential and the awakening of sexual energy.

A man can relax and be excited at the same time. During the procedure of performing, namely during the grinding of the human body, an important part is occupied by scented candles and oils. You will be able to immerse himself in an intimate atmosphere to tune in to receive special indescribable pleasures.

Erotic massage Sydney NSW with Obsession Tantra