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Kristina - Obsession Tantra Sydney

Hey, my name is Kristina. I am a young pretty girl next door, very down to earth and easy to talk to about everything. I value and treasure all of my relationships so please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to provide you with more information on everything you might want to know.

I am proud to say that I know what real relaxation is. I want to take you with me on that journey of discovering your body and activate your mind. I have been studying tantric and nuru techniques for several years and now ready to make you feel on 7 heaven during our sessions.

Tantra is an erotic bodywork session that is now very popular around the world. During my classic tantric massage you will get the full relaxation of your body and mind combined with aromatherapy elements. Energy flow between man and woman is another essential element of this session that results in devoting much time for body to body touch to feel each other and give each other as much energy as needed.

I love Sydney and want to convey my passion and love to you during my tantra sessions. Usually it starts with swedish massage of your back gently moving down to your legs and feet. You’ll give away control of your body and mind to my arms and surprisingly will find yourself fading away in your feelings. Nuru sessions include special Japanese nuru gel that convert regular gentle touch into extremely hot and very sensual body to body dance.

There’s a million variations of erotic massage that you can find in Sydney. Either you choose Nuru or Tantra session I can guarantee you will be pleased and will come back again and again to get more erotic energy and get rid of all your tension.



Tired of routine life in a boring office and endless meaningless meetings? I know what can help you. I will visit your hotel or apartment in Sydney to provide you with one of the most relaxing and sensual massage sessions: Tantra, Nuru or Fetish. Also I can help you to kindle the flame again between you and your partner by providing you both an erotic massage during the session for a couple.

Tantra session

60 min - $300 AUD
90 min - $420 AUD

Classic Tantra massage helps your body and mind feel relaxed and satisfied for the rest of your day. The lady will take you to the 7th heaven by giving you sensual relaxation massage with aromatherapy elements ending up with releasing your sexual power.

Nuru session

60 min - $320 AUD
90 min - $440 AUD

What could be more sensual than Nuru massage that intensify all your feelings through incredibly sensual body to body massage. You can’t resist this charming pressure when lady slide on your body with special Nuru gel that makes the touch even hotter.

Couple session

60 min - $500 AUD
90 min - $700 AUD

Guide your partner through the ultimate pleasure of erotic couple massage session provided for both of you by young beautiful lady. She will remove all the energy blocks that you have to fell that intimate moment of being together in a very pure and sensual way.

Fetish session

60 min - $350 AUD
90 min - $470 AUD

Not afraid of whip? Light BDSM session open new verges and hidden desires of your sexual-self. Give the control of your body to the beautiful mistress and she will gently (or harshly ;)) guide you to the top of sensual satisfaction that you can ever experience.

*Please inquire for longer or shorter duration

*Obsession Tantra is a part-time non-profit pursuit based on a passion for providing pleasure to appreciative guests. Sessions are complimentary. If you feel the service you received warrants it, feel free to contribute a suggested donation.


CBD, Sydney NSW, Australia
Tel. +61 482 061 332

Phone Call Number Button of Kristina 22 Obsession Tantra erotic massage Sydney NSW, Australia +61482061332

Erotic Massage Sydney + Useful information
Phone Call Number Button of Kristina 22 Obsession Tantra erotic massage Sydney NSW, Australia +61482061332

Erotic massage - what it is.

Erotic massage is the common name for all the type of sensual massages that are offered in Sydney. Erotic session is provided with all the love and passion for you with very sensual body to body elements and release at the end. The magic dance of relax and aromatherapy makes erotic massage the exciting way to spend your day in Sydney.

Nuru massage gives a man an extremely hot connection with lady’s body and soul. The Nuru session in Sydney starts with deep breath when you and the provider start feeling each other breathe and heartbeat. Magnificent way of strong connection of your souls makes Nuru massage one of the most intimate experience during your stay in Sydney.

The massage for couples is the session where you build new bridges with your soulmates by letting the lady touch and feel every one of you. You and your wife or partner will be relaxed first by amazing erotic massage followed by sensual play between ladies and you. You can end the session any way you want so the main purpose of Tantra massage for couple in Sydney is for you to feel happy and needed.

Bodywork session might be very good way for you to feel strong and loved. Tantra massage works mostly with 1st chakra called Muladhara that reflect your success in sexual, financial and physical strength. Working with this Chakra is the first step for you to succeed in this life even more.

Erotic massage Sydney NSW with Obsession Tantra